UNISON: Broken benefits contracts and 20,000 redundancies will waste millions

Posted on: 11/10/2011 12:52
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Millions of pounds will be wasted in compensation if Government plans to centralise Housing Benefit force local authorities into cancelling private contracts and axing staff. The warning comes from UNISON following the results of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, which revealed that 21% of Housing Benefit services are currently provided under private contracts or shared service arrangements with other authorities, and a further 8% of councils are in the process of tendering new contracts. ...[MORE]

Benefit crooks net £1,500 a week on luxury flats

Posted on: 31/08/2011 11:31
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Fraudsters from the EU are homing in on Britain to make millions from subletting plush apartments paid for by councils With its manicured lawns and concierge service, Chatsworth Court seems ideal for the high-powered financiers and doctors who normally reside at the 1930s art deco development in Kensington, West London. Yet some flats in the complex, which can sell for seven figures and look out over sports cars parked in the bays outside, are home to dozens of people living on housing benefit...[MORE]

Benefit fraud bill is still on the rise as total hits £3.3bn despite PM\'s crackdown pledge

Posted on: 31/08/2011 11:23
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The amount of money lost to benefit fraud and error has soared by a staggering £200million since the Coalition took office – despite repeated pledges from David Cameron to fight the scan nFigures buried in a government document reveal that last year £3.3billion was lost to benefit cheats and mistakes by claimants and officials, up f rnThe failure to crack down on fraud makes it even less likely that the Government will fulfil its promise to slash fraud and error by a quarter by rnThe huge s...[MORE]

Councils urged to tackle fraud

Posted on: 11/08/2011 16:28
Link: http://www.localgov.co.uk/index.cfm?method=news.detail&id=101949#
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Communities secretary, Eric Pickles, has urged councils to do more to tackle fraud. Taken at face value, this seems right. Fraud costs money which, in any economic climate, would be better spent on customers’ priorities. Nor should council taxpayers fund fraud by or for people who aren’t in genuine need of help from the benefits system nFor more details follow the lin n...[MORE]

18 months imprisonment for £80,000+ benefit fraudster

Posted on: 15/06/2011 14:58
Link: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23960823-18-months-for-pound-80000-benefits-cheat.do
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Laura Lee Jones of Edmonton entered the UK from Jamaica illegally under the assumed name of Clover Jameson and claimed benefits to which she was not entitled including Income Support, Housing and Council Tax Benefit, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits. Her child's birth was registered in Enfield in 2005 under surname Jameson while partner(unable to name due to ongoing proceedings against him re: his benefit claim)registered child with his surname in Waltham Forest. She was also alleged to be li...[MORE]

Blue Badge Improvement Service

Posted on: 13/06/2011 13:21
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A five-year contract to deliver the national Blue Badge Improvement Service on behalf of central government and local authorities has been awarded to Northgate Public Services. The new service is aimed at responding to the challenge of continued high demand for badges and preventing fraud, while improving customer service and the administration and enforcement of the Blue Badge Scheme. The Scheme, which was established in 1971, gives 2.5 million disabled people access to priority parking space...[MORE]

LBFIG Meeting on 19 May 2011

Posted on: 11/05/2011 16:25
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The next LBFIG will have presentations on housing investigations, personal budgets, and the ICO's Code of Practice. We'll be updating you on developments with welfare benefit investigations. All members welcome. Vote in the poll to confirm attendance....[MORE]

Ex Council flat home to 500 in £1 million DWP benefits fraud

Posted on: 15/03/2011 11:47
Link: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3432671/Ex-council-flat-home-to-500-people-in-1million-benefit-fraud.html
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Crooks used a three-bedroom home to steal family tax credits and child benefits using the names of unsuspecting real people. Corrupt insiders at the Department for Work and Pensions supplied the IDs of genuine claimants whose benefits ended after they got jobs....[MORE]

LBFIG Response to DWP Fraud Strategy

Posted on: 12/11/2010 13:45
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LBFIG representatives on the joint working group with DWP reported on the proposals to create a single benefit investigation service within the DWP. LBFIG disagrees with the proposals which threaten all the counter fraud work currently carried out in local authorities. Members of LBFIG can see the full response in the Policies and Procedures section on the documents page of this website....[MORE]

Sub-letting in Social Housing, Should it be criminalised

Posted on: 14/10/2010 13:40
Link: http://www.localgov.co.uk/index.cfm?method=news.detail&id=87101
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