Benefit fraud bill is still on the rise as total hits 3.3bn despite PM\'s crackdown pledge

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Posted on: 31/08/2011 11:23 by Andrew Hyatt
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The amount of money lost to benefit fraud and error has soared by a staggering 200million since the Coalition took office despite repeated pledges from David Cameron to fight the scanda

Figures buried in a government document reveal that last year 3.3billion was lost to benefit cheats and mistakes by claimants and officials, up from

The failure to crack down on fraud makes it even less likely that the Government will fulfil its promise to slash fraud and error by a quarter by 20

The huge sum lost to public finances in 2010-11 works out at

Unemployment benefit fraud, in particular, is spiralling out of control, according to the annual report of the Department for Work and Pension

Fraudsters are cheating the public out of six times as much jobseeke

The National Audit Office refused to sign off the D

Last summer, Mr Cameron described the massive amount of money lost to fraud as

He pledged:

Last night Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPaye


Of th


Across all benefits, the amount lost to fraud has gone up by 50 per cent in 2006-07, when it was

The DW

These changes were driven by increases in overpayments due to fraud and customer error, with a reduction in overpayments due to official er

In fact, in percentage terms, the amount of overpayments increased slightly, from 2.09 per cent to more than 2.14 per ce

Overpayments went up despite the establishment last year of

A DWP source said: