Audit Commission’s National Fraud Initiative has future, fighting fraud under Cabinet Office

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Posted on: 17/07/2013 16:39 by Kevin Campbell-scott
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“We are delighted to welcome the official announcement that the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) will be retained and transferred to the Cabinet Office when the Audit Commission closes in 2015. The Commission is proud of the contribution that the NFI, and the close-knit team running it, make towards saving money otherwise lost to fraud, error or overpayment – amounting to over £1billion since it was established in 1996. We are greatly reassured the team will continue working to help organisations identify lost revenue that, in this time of savings and efficiencies, can make a significant difference to the delivery of public services or in the support of companies in the private sector.

The success of the NFI is based on the dedication of the participating bodies, the skills of the small team that delivers it and the statutory powers that make effective data matching possible. This announcement ensures that the powers and the team will remain in place and the Audit Commission looks forward to helping ensure a seamless transition of the NFI to the Cabinet Office. The commitment made by the Cabinet Office to the future of the NFI is key to continuing and building on its success to date and ensuring it can continue to protect the public purse.

The Audit Commission’s National Fraud Initiative matches data from 1,300 public sector and 77 private sector organisations, including audit bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, government departments and other agencies. It flags up inconsistencies in the information that indicate that a fraud, an error or an overpayment may have taken place; signalling the need for review and potential investigation.