Input an address and the site will tell you whether it has been sold / purchased from 2000 onwards and will give you the purchase price. The site will also give you details of other properties sold in the same street



Select Residential Name

This will ony show people who are not ex-directory



Select Personal Customers

Find full postcodes of addresses or full address from a postcode



On line access to company information


Pay for searches


On line access to ID document database.  Details of passports and other ID documents showing watermarks, UV security etc


Subscription required


On line access to land registry records


You have to register on this site and pay for searches but there is no subscription fee.

Business and directors searches.


Subscription required



Electoral roll searches

Subscription required



Go to Local Area, select Council Tax,

Put in any post code, this will tell you which LA deals with that address.


Local Authority Investigation Officers Group

Lots of information for Investigatiors plus a members area where you can look up contact details for LA investigators throughout the UK

Registration required. LA must be a  member of LAIOG


International government index – lets you find the equivalent of Local Authorities all over the world



Check if your case is in court by looking up the daily court lists



E- bay and Paypal have been contacted by a number of LAs and are helpful.


For E Bay use DPA, for Pay Pal use SSFA. Advice from other LAs re ebay is “make sure you ask the right question” and “They will supply a full listing of trades, which has proved extremely useful.” You also don't need to supply user name; they can search by name and address and can supply a list of users registered to a particular address.”  



If you go to the Validator tab and put in the bank sort code it will give you the name and address of the bank


If you go to the Post codes tab it will find an address from a post code and vice versa

Free but a limit of 5 enquiries a day


Find information about births deaths and  marriages

You have to register and pay for searches